Densys3D® is a pioneer in the development of intra-oral Dental systems for use in the dental market.  densys3D’s innovative scanning solution utilizes advanced dental imaging technology that allows dentists to digitally scan and create highly accurate 3D maps of teeth, without using putty-like materials. Current crown and bridge production processes rely on expensive and cumbersome impression materials. densys3D’s technology eliminates the need for such materials.  The Company technology is differentiated by quick image capture capabilities, fast processing time, high accuracy, ergonomic design and the small email-friendly file size of the 3D map.

Densys3D’s MIA3d™ Intra-oral scanning system is targeted at the Dental market and Dentists seeking automated production of crowns, bridges, implants and prostheses as well as Orthodontists seeking enhanced treatment tools. densys3D is initially targeting the dental crown and bridge markets. The Company plans to also adapt its technology for use in the orthodontics market for scanning teeth in the placement of braces and other corrective devices.

In addition to the stand alone scanner system, densys3D offers simple and easy to use CAD/CAM systems integration interfaces, and also offers its’ clinicians a full blown turn-key solution covering the complete cycle of Patient – Dentist – Laboratory tooth restoration process.

Solution & Vision

The field of intra-oral mapping technology is the most exciting new area in dentistry today. Three-dimensional mapping of the mouth is required in almost every procedure in dentistry.

Densys3d’s leading edge intra-oral scanning system offers dentists a new and revolutionary way to capture impressions digitally, without the use of impression materials by using the MIA3d™ System – developed by a dentist for the dentist!

From Stone Age to 3D with densys3D technologies
densys3D has developed an Intra-oral scanner solution that is accurate, fast, small and rich of features.  MIA3d™ effectively helps dentists to move into digital impression taking while enabling them to enjoy the full range of accurate specificity, indications and high quality results. MIA3d™ has received complete CE Mark and FDA clearance.  The company has patented a number of key technologies and functionalities for Intra-oral scanning which make the MIA3d™ a safe and protected solution to go with.

Making Dentist & Patient life easier
densys3D’s MIA3d™ Intra-oral scanner enables dentists to capture a complete intraoral situation directly in the mouth and save it as a highly accurate 3D digital model. This omits the taking of impressions and related disadvantages such as inaccuracies, material costs, impression retakes and manual handling. Dentist and patient satisfaction soars due to: less chair time, reduced remakes, faster treatment completion, better fits and an overall improved chair-side experience.

Improving Labs’ relationships with Dentists
Labs can improve ties with their dentist clients by offering a new range of digital services that include receiving the dentist’s MIA3d™ scans directly. The labs – dentist workflow benefits from an accurate case input and shorter turnaround time allowed by starting restoration work immediately without the need of physical model.


Several various patents have been granted to densys3D System and Technology and protect our products and technology. US Granted Patents
US 6402707
US 7330577
US 7724932
US 8665257
US 9222768US D790,063 European Granted Patents
EP 1296592EP 1997046 Japanese Granted Patents


Other Patents are pending


ISO 13485:2016

Densys3D has achieved the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 13485:2016 and received the certificates from Intertek/AMTAC Certification Services Limited.

The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agency has reviewed the Densys3D 510K request and has cleared MIA3d™ Intra-oral scanning system for marketing in the USA.

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