Densys3D Announces US Dental Depot as Regional US Distributor

Densys3D Announces US Dental Depot as Regional US Distributor

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Densys3d has entered into a strategic agreement with US Dental Depot as a regional distributor for their intraoral scanner, MIA3D software and speed scanner spray. This agreement includes distribution, services, and training for densys3D’s current and future products, as US DentalDepot will also uphold warranties for the covered regions.


Densys3D’s innovative scanning solution utilizes advanced dental imaging technology that allows dentists to digitally scan and create highly accurate 3D maps of teeth, without using putty-like materials. Current crown and bridge production processes rely on expensive and cumbersome impression materials. Densys3D’s technology eliminates the need for such materials.  The Company technology is differentiated by quick scanning times, super-fast processing, high accuracy, small email-friendly file size of the 3D map, and not requiring monthly fees.  The file is open STL that does not require any cloud or off site post processing, and can be freely sent electronically immediately.  Densys3D’s goal is to streamline the process of allowing all dentists worldwide to enter digital dentistry and reduce patients’ time in the office.


“With US Dental Depot as our regional US distributor, we not only increase our presence in the Americas,” said Dr. Moshe Ernst, President and CEO of densys3D, “but our goal to continuously improve and enhance our customers’ experience in every aspect is being achieved. Expanding our network of sales and support personnel and being in close proximity to where our customers are is a key initiative towards that endeavor.”


“Throughout the past 11 years, US Dental  Depot has created a name for itself as a place local dental clinics and labs can go to find quality equipment, support, and supplies with quick, efficient, and personalized service” said Dr. Marcos Pesci. “By adding densys3D’s products to our portfolio, we are opening the door to digital dentistry to more dental clinics.”


About densy3D

We believe that 3D scanning should be a luxury that every dentist can benefit from. We are producing and marketing a 3D Intraoral Scanner that is affordable to every dentist, maintaining all the important features to receive top quality results.


About US Dental Depot

US Dental Depot Technologies provides premier dental supplies, equipment, service and support solutions 24 hours a day, offering customers respect and personalized attention.  Very knowledgeable in their products, and pro-active in getting the newest equipment at the best prices, passing the savings on to their customers. 

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