MIA3d box, packaginng and contents

The MIA3d system comes in a compact box and is a plug and play system. The box contains the wand and a wand stand, a foot-pedal, a speed scan spray with a cosmetic cream separator, a customised USB3 cable easily plugs into the USB ports. 

The Wand & Laptop

The wand available in white and grey is small, compact and lightweight, ergonomic and easy to handle. The MIA3d system plugs into  a laptop and is portable. The laptop is not provided by densys3D. 

SpeedScan Spray & Accessories

SpeedScan Spray is easy to use, and covers the teeth with a very thin coating for improved scanning. After application the spray coating does not change or remove when wet or when massaged by soft tissues. The SpeedScan separator is a cosmetic jelly that prevents the spray coating sticking to the lips and face. When finished the coatings just bush off with a toothbrush.  

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