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“I never thought Id be able to take a digital impression of my patients teeth so quickly, and the accuracy far supersedes that of a mold. This is practically one of my best investments this year, besides a dental assistant.”
Dr. Jose Garcia, Argentina

densys3D® is a pioneer in the development of intra-oral Dental systems for use in the dental market.  densys3D’s innovative scanning solution utilizes advanced dental imaging technology that allows dentists to digitally scan and create highly accurate 3D maps of teeth, without using putty-like materials. 

Current crown and bridge production processes rely on expensive and cumbersome impression materials. densys3D’s technology eliminates the need for such materials.  The Company technology is differentiated by quick scanning times, super fast processing, high accuracy and small email-friendly file size of the 3D map.  The file is open stl that does not require any cloud or off site post processing, and can be freely sent electronically immediately to wherever the user desires.


The MIA3d™ system is fast and accurate
Use the open stl files to manufacture your prosthetics
Use the open stl files to make orthodontic appliances


The MIA3d™ is the least expensive system in the market making it affordable for your clinic.
NO monthly fees, NO click fees, NO third party lab fees, NO cloud fees, NO hidden fees.
Only a one time payment when purchased ?


The MIA3d™ system is a truly open system
An open stl file is created
There is no post processing via a controlled cloud
The user can send the file where ever he wants without restrictions ?


The MIA3d™ system operates off a laptop and is a portable system
Move it around your clinic as you see fit?


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